Recruitment Services

Our Recruiters offer a range of solutions which are described below.  These can be configured in any way that will help you remove the pain from your recruitment process.

Advert Creation
We will work with you to create an engaging advert that resonates with your target audience. A cut and paste of your job spec will only attract the most active of job seekers. We will help you create quality copy that will help attract candidates from all parts of the market.
Job Vacancy Promotion
We will promote your vacancy on a number of major job boards as well as a boosted post on Facebook/Instagram.
Direct Approach
We will utilise a variety of tools and methods to undertake direct approach on LinkedIn, with the aim of creating interest in your vacancy. We can target candidates from specific organisations/sectors/locations as required.
CV Database Search
We will undertake a search of the major CV databases against agreed criteria for your vacancy. This can include both active candidates and historic registrations.
Vacancy Marketing Package
We will combine the relevant elements above to work with you to create a well rounded long-list, from which you can then take over and selection your preferred candidates for interview.
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